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Thanks for signing up for my email newsletter! It is an honor to earn a spot in your inbox.  Please don't fear that I'll make a pest of myself and put my feet on the furniture.  I'll only drop you a line when there's something exciting or important happening.


In return for signing up, I'm happy to offer you a free eBook copy of Relativity, the second book in my Proximity series.

Just click the button below, and you will be directed to the InstaFreebie site, where you can download whichever file format you prefer.  Yay!

Relativity is the sequel to Proximity, which is currently free from major eBook retailers.

I hope you enjoy the books.  If you do, it would be extremely helpful if you could take a quick moment to leave a review on any retailer site. It doesn't have to be fancy, just a few simple sentences can make all the difference to help me get the word out.


Thanks for being a reader!  Your support means the world to me.


All the best, 


M.A. George

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